Management and Performance Consultancy

At Board Excellence with offices in Ireland and the UK we offer Management and Performance Consultancy, which allows us to provide you with independent, practical advice and a range of solutions to help you consolidate, evolve and grow in a manner similar to that in which a fully functioning board of directors should.

A high-performing board of directors can provide the CEO or Managing Director and Management Team with valuable advice, guidance and support on all matters critical to the management, performance and strategic development of your business.

However, in many small to medium sized companies. and particularly in family-owned businesses, the board is typically made up of the owners and management and very often acts more like an extension of the management team rather than adding an extra layer of strategic guidance and independent challenge and oversight.

We’ll listen to you, engage with you and your business to get to understand where you are, your performance and your business plans, and the challenges that are restricting your potential. We’ll support you in:

  • Organisation culture
  • Addressing organisational structure, roles and responsibilities;
  • Decision-making authorities and processes, and related information requirements;
  • Business development and sales organisation;
  • Management meeting structure, frequency and content;
  • Annual business planning and longer-term strategic planning;
  • Risk Management and internal control frameworks; and
  • Preparing for the introduction of non-executive directors.

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