State & Semi-State Board Evaluation

Board Excellence is a leading provider of external board evaluation services for State and Semi-State boards in Ireland, with a key focus on compliance with;

  • Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies (2016)
  • Annex on Gender Balance, Diversity and Inclusion (2020)
  • Relevant legislation

Board evaluation is increasingly acknowledged as a vital process for improving board performance and dynamics whatever the size, status or type of organisation. Our philosophy is that a highly effective board of directors makes a significant contribution to the success of the organisation beyond its statutory requirements and is a powerful source of added value for the organisation, its customers, shareholders, directors, employees and other stakeholders.

The comprehensive nature and objectivity of our evaluation programme will, if thoroughly embraced by the board and executive team, establish a strong foundation to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the board and drive a measurable plan of sustained improvement.

Our external board evaluation programme consists of the following phases;

  • Completion by the board and executive team members of a confidential board effectiveness questionnaire
  • Review of the last 12 months of board and committee materials, governance materials, Committee Terms of Reference and key materials in the area of culture, ESG, cyber-security, risk management, strategy and shareholder/stakeholder engagement etc.
  • Confidential one-to-one interviews with board directors and senior executives
  • Optional attendance as an observer at a board and selected committee meetings
  • Development of a draft external board evaluation report
  • Presentation of the draft report key findings and recommendations to the board

As part of our standard external board evaluation programme and representative of our strong commitment to support our board clients drive sustained improvement in the board effectiveness and governance, we provide at no additional cost to our board clients, 12 months of follow-on support to the Board Chair, Secretary and CEO on

  • Implementation of the board evaluation recommendations
  • New board effectiveness, governance and performance issues arising during that period

Illustrative State and Semi-State Board Evaluation Clients

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