Mentoring and Coaching for Directors

At Board Excellence with offices in Ireland and the UK we provide a unique Mentoring and Coaching service for directors on boards.

For an individual taking on their first board director role or an existing director taking on extra responsibility within a board, maybe as chair, senior independent director or committee chair, the board room represents a challenging environment with varying levels of maturity.

In today’s environment, there are significant expectations placed on the shoulders of board directors to not only discharge their fiduciary responsibilities but to also make a significant high-value contribution to the effectiveness of the board and company.

On different occasions and under different circumstances, there are times when individual chairs and directors have a need for additional guidance and support in fulfilling their duties of a variety that’s not readily available to them within their organisation.

If that sounds familiar to you, we have developed a unique mentoring (long-term, relationship based) and coaching (shorter-term and task based) programme which focuses on developing a director’s expertise with particular focus on the core skills required to be a director and skills relevant to specific director roles.

These are practical one-to-one mentoring and coaching programmes which can be delivered over a number of sessions to suit an individual’s availability, and can be adapted to reflect the particular requirements of any individual director.

We also provide similar mentoring and coaching for company secretaries to support them in shaping the structures and practices required to support the board in achieving excellence.

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