Board Dispute Mediation Services

At Board Excellence with offices in Ireland and the UK we offer Dispute Mediation Services for boards to help to resolve any issues, that if not addressed will impair the effectiveness of the individual board members and the overall board.

Tension in a board room can distract the board from its core responsibilities.

Disputes can develop for a variety of reasons including strong, competing personalities, lack of trust, poor communication, misunderstanding of respective roles and positions, legacy issues, etc. Internal challenges and disputes, if not addressed, will impair directors’ focus and judgement and will destroy company value.

The situation can be exacerbated and prolonged if the chair is not strong enough to resolve the issue, and may result in a split board and a damaged company, or worse.

Very often, directors are unsure of how to go about identifying and resolving the matter that led to the tension in the first place, and how to reset the equilibrium within the board once the matter has been addressed.

In such circumstance, we offer a personalised, value-adding mediation service.

We’ll engage independently and objectively with your chair, directors and, when relevant, management, both individually and collectively, to develop our understanding of the source of your problem, with the aim of assisting you in reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution and constructive consensus to allow your board refocus and move ahead.

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