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At Board Excellence with offices in Ireland and the UK, we provide a comprehensive board evaluation programme which reflects the provisions of the many published governance codes, Financial Reporting Council guidance on board and committee effectiveness, relevant sector guidelines, and international best practices across Ireland, the UK, continental Europe and America.

In today’s boardroom, attention is increasingly focussing on the ongoing effectiveness of the board and its capacity to continuously improve as a high performance team.

Board evaluation is increasingly acknowledged as a vital process for improving board performance and dynamics whatever the size, status or type of organisation.

Our philosophy is that a highly effective board of directors makes a significant contribution to the success of the organisation beyond its statutory requirements and is a powerful source of added value for the company, its customers, shareholders, directors, employees and many other stakeholders.

The comprehensive nature and objectivity of our evaluation programme will, if thoroughly embraced by the board and management, establish a strong foundation to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the board and drive a measurable plan of sustained improvement.

Our programme is built on a comprehensive and inclusive process, which can be adapted to your requirements, comprising:

  • The detailed evaluation phase which includes a review of six to twelve months’ board and committee papers, completion of questionnaires, collation and analysis of the questionnaire contents, individual interviews with directors and executives, and observation at board and committee meetings;
  • Support to the Chair in evaluating individual director performance;
  • Support to the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director or the Board’s nominee in evaluating the Chair’s performance;
  • Engagement with the Chair on draft evaluation report findings and recommended actions;
  • Presentation of the refined evaluation findings and recommendations at a board meeting;
  • Development of an agreed action plan with the Chair and Company Secretary;
  • Close support to the chair and company secretary in implementing recommendations and building a strong foundation for the following internal board evaluations;
  • Access to our board evaluation questionnaire platform for two subsequent internal evaluations;
  • Use of our proprietary Board Performance Index for two subsequent internal evaluations.

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