Governance Training

Are you protecting your business and growing it in a sustainable manner?

Have you really positioned the company for long-term sustainability and profitability?

What is governance and who in your organisation has responsibility for making sure it’s right for you?

How effective is your board of directors in overseeing the effectiveness of frameworks, policies, arrangements and controls which safeguard your organisation?

How well does management implement and monitor adherence to the policies, arrangements and controls that are designed to protect you, your customers, employees, shareholders and wider stakeholders?

This training workshop will provide you with an understanding of the A to Z of corporate governance, its scope, the significant benefits of doing it well and the adverse consequences of not getting it right. We’ll cover the importance of:

  • an effective, high-performing board;
  • a strong, capable leadership team;
  • clear organisational structure and clarity of roles and responsibilities;
  • defined delegation of authorities;
  • clear and concise policies, standards and procedures;
  • robust internal control mechanisms;
  • effective structures and processes to identify, manage, monitor and report risk;
  • and, depending on company size,
  • strong and independent internal and external audit functions;

There is no one size fits all when it comes to corporate governance so we’ll engage with you in advance of the workshop to adapt the content for your organisation and your particular interests and challenges.

This workshop will provide you with the tools, frameworks and resources to re-evaluate corporate governance in your business, identify the gaps and make positive changes.

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