Governance and Culture Reviews

At Board Excellence with offices in Ireland and the UK we offer Governance and Culture Reviews to ensure that the culture and behaviours required to protect shareholders and stakeholders are embedded across the organisation.

How confident are you that your governance arrangements and practices are sufficiently robust to protect your business and grow it in a sustainable manner?

Do they protect your company for long-term sustainability and profitability?

How effective is your board of directors in overseeing the effectiveness of frameworks, policies, arrangements and controls which safeguard your organisation?

Periodic, independent reviews of your company’s governance, culture and organisation framework and arrangements are essential to ensure that, together, they’re sufficiently sophisticated and robust to ensure that risk and control oversight are effective relative to the nature, scale and complexity of your business.

Our comprehensive governance and culture review will provide you with objective evaluation of your;

  • Governance and organisation framework, policies and arrangements
  • Terms of reference, focus and activities of your principal governance forums
  • Your approach to assessing and understanding your organisation’s purpose and the degree of embeddedness of your culture, values and behaviours
  • Compliance of your governance arrangements with relevant governance codes
  • Risk management and internal control framework

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