A critical tenet of the success of the private equity investment model is the value creation driven by major improvement in the management of the business. A recent McKinsey report which researched a large number of private equity deals concluded that out-performance in progressive PE portfolio companies was driven by changes to the way the boards of their portfolio companies worked – what McKinsey calls “a more engaged form of corporate governance”. Experienced PE partners recognise the critical importance of getting the right composition of board members led by an experienced chairman that drives a highly cohesive & effective board.


Board Excellence have developed a unique comprehensive programme of services to compliment the existing deep expertise that exists within PE firms to build highly effective boards in their PE portfolio. Each PE deal is unique and depending on the level of PE ownership, mix of shareholders & executives going forward and maturity of the existing board, getting a strong board structure and operating model in place from the outset is a key success factor in successful PE investments. Board Excellence works with the PE partners and supporting teams to integrate with and build upon existing best practices within the PE form in the area of board effectiveness & performance. In summary, a highly effective board represents a key enabler for the deep partnership model between the PE firm and the executive team that characterises successful PE investments.