In today’s non-profit boardroom, an increasing emphasis is being placed on the overall effectiveness of the board and its capacity to continuously improve as a high performance team. A highly effective board of directors makes a significant contribution to the success of the organisation beyond its statutory requirements and is a powerful source of added value for board directors, executives, shareholders and stakeholders. Progressive boards are acknowledging and reflecting on its current framework, its strong and weak points, identifying opportunities to improve its functioning and performance.

Board Excellence have developed a unique workshop programme for non-profit boards in Ireland & UK which provides an overview of key trends in board effectiveness, performance and corporate governance. This workshop integrates the key principles of the most recent Irish & UK Charity Governance Codes. Common board models and typical problems affecting a board’s effectiveness are presented. Internationally recognised non-profit board best practices in the area of effectiveness & performance are presented. Utilising a Board Effectiveness & Performance Model ( outlined in Figure 1 ), practical guidance is provided on how board directors both individually and collectively can optimise their effectiveness and performance.

Key focus areas

  • Board Information Management
  • Board Processes & Procedures
  • Board meeting dynamics & effectiveness
  • Quality of board supervision & decision-making
  • Strategy
  • Relationship with executive management
  • Performance of individual directors & committees
  • Board composition, diversity & succession planning
  • Board evaluation
  • Crisis management
  • Oversight of financial reporting, legal & internal controls
  • Risk management

Workshop format

This programme is delivered in a 3-hour workshop format to a non-profit board. This workshop can be incorporated into the board meeting schedule, a board off-site, annual/strategic planning session or as a standalone event. This workshop can either be delivered on-site within an organisation or externally at a convenient local hotel location.


  • Introduction to best practices for high perfomance effective boards
  • Framework for a board to assess & optimise their effectiveness & performance
  • Overview of key problem areas which affect board effectiveness & performance
  • Practical guidance on how board directors both individually and collectively can optimise their effectiveness and performance.