In an era of un-precedented challenges for non-profits, the chairman role in a non-profit board is a very demanding role which has a critical impact on the overall effectiveness and performance of the board. Key chairman responsibilities include ;

  • Creating conditions for overall board & individual director effectiveness
  • Demonstrating the highest standards of integrity & probity
  • Setting clear expectations of organisation’s culture, values & behaviours
  • Setting clear expectations of the style & tone of board discussions
  • Manages board dynamics, engagement & conflicts
  • Leads its composition & renewal
  • Builds & maintains a healthy constructive balanced relationship with CEO
  • Responsible for individual director & CEO performance assessment

Board Excellence have developed a unique chairman mentoring programme which provides key support in the background to the chairman to help drive a highly effective performant board. While executive coaching is a very well established and respected practice for CEOs, the benefits of having a coach and mentor for a Chairman are increasingly recognised. A Board Excellence team member provides support on a one-on-one basis to a non-profit board chairman to help improve the overall effectiveness and performance of the board. This could involve addressing specific current challenges or introducing new best practices. Examples include improving the Board Information Model, developing a new board member induction programme, strengthening the partnership between the non-executive board members and the CEO, introducing a board performance programme incorporating annual board reviews, introducing/strengthening a risk management programme and a board member diversity & renewal programme.