The board of a non-profit organisation plays a fundamental role combining oversight of the operations, finances and risk management while supporting the executive team achieve its objectives. As company/director law, corporate governance standards and non-profit governance codes have strengthened considerably in Ireland, UK and internationally, there is un-precedented scrutiny on non-profit boards to excel as an effective high-performance board team.

In an era of increasingly complex challenges facing the non-profit sector, a highly effective board makes a significant contribution to the success of the organization beyond its statutory requirements and is a powerful source of added value for board members, executives, funders and stakeholders. Progressive non-profit boards are acknowledging and reflecting on their current framework, their strong & weak points and identifying opportunities to improve their functioning and performance.

Board Excellence have developed a unique programme for non-profit boards which provide a range of highly practical supports and services to enable non-profit board members and boards excel in the areas of effectiveness, performance and corporate governance. All of these programmes fully align with the Irish & UK non-profit governance codes as well as integrating internationally recognised best practices for non-profit boards.