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A highly effective board is a key enabler of the deep partnership model between the Private Equity firm and the investee company executive team which characterises successful private equity investments.

Board Excellence operating from offices in Ireland and the UK, is the first and currently the only experienced vendor in the UK and Irish markets to provide a focused range of board performance, training and support services designed specifically to support private equity firms in preparing their investment teams and nominee directors to be highly-effective directors and to be instrumental in supporting their investment portfolio boards to excel in effectiveness, performance and corporate governance.

We have developed, in conjunction with private equity companies, a unique set of best practices and services to empower and support portfolio company board chairs and investment partners drive step changes in their boards’ effectiveness and their companies’ performance.

These best practices support board teams excel in effectiveness and performance with a key focus on:

  • helping a CEO, executive team and existing board members make a strong start under private equity ownership;
  • enabling a strong partnership model between the private equity partner, board chair, CEO, executives and non-executives which is underpinned by a robust board team performance culture;
  • developing a virtuous cycle of challenge, debate, respect and trust
  • enabling the board team to operate in “high-gear strategic mode” optimally focused on strategic transformation and scaling opportunities driving out-performing PE exit outcomes

Board Excellence provides the following services to private equity teams, investment firms and their portfolio boards;

  • Board best practices workshop for investment teams and portfolio boards
  • Independent board evaluation
  • Independent review of a company’s board during the due-diligence phase
  • Mentor support for a PE portfolio board chair and investment team members


The outsourced nature of investment funds’ activities to specialist, regulated service providers, represents a structure that requires a different governance model to a standard corporate governance model.”

(Certified Investment Fund Director Institute and Deloitte)

Board Excellence has developed a board performance programme which recognises the distinctive characteristics of Investment Funds and the board’s primary role in overseeing the functions outsourced by the Fund Promoter both within the fund promoter organisation and to third party service providers.

Our programme is also designed to support investment fund boards, the Independent Organisational Effectiveness Director and Designated Persons in understanding the dynamics of organisation effectiveness within the requirements of the Central Bank of Ireland’s CP86 and related Fund Management Companies Guidance.

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