Corporate and Listed Companies

At Board Excellence with offices in Ireland and the UK, we have a solid understanding of the board dynamics and wider practical challenges faced by larger corporate and listed company board teams in consistently delivering outstanding performance and meeting shareholder expectations.

Our support services are adaptable to the particular requirements, size and nature of your organisation and our engagement approach is one which empowers your board to identify issues and constraints and to achieve step changes in your performance and the value you add for shareholders and stakeholders.

Our engagement with you is based on a passionate belief that a highly effective board of directors makes a significant contribution to the success of your organisation beyond its statutory requirements and is a powerful source of added value for your company, shareholders and wider stakeholders.

We provide a full range of high-quality board support services to corporates and listed companies, including:

  • external board evaluations and facilitation of your internal reviews;
  • an engaging and interactive board best practices workshop built on a combination of proprietary and international research and philosophies;
  • chair and non-executive director search and recruitment;
  • chair, director and company secretary mentoring;
  • independent mediation on internal board disputes and challenges;
  • other board support and guidance services customised to client requirements.

All of our board support services and materials are built upon a combination of our proprietary research and philosophies and international best practices, and reflect the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code, the Irish Corporate Governance Annex, the UK Quoted Company Alliance Corporate Governance Code, UK Financial Reporting Council guidance on board and committee effectiveness, other relevant publications and guidelines, and international best practices from Ireland, the UK, continental Europe and America.

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