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Board Excellence is led by Kieran Moynihan, an experienced Chairman and leading thinker in the area of board dynamics and performance. Kieran has over 18 years experience serving on boards as a CEO executive director, non-executive director and Chairman. He has written and presented extensively on the unique challenges of achieving a high-performance board of directors. Kieran is currently the chairman of a number of internationally-focused companies across a number of industry sectors. Board Excellence supports boards in companies, organisations and non-profits in Ireland, UK & Europe.

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  • Leverage international best practices on board effectiveness, performance & corporate governance
  • Provision of an independent high-quality assessment of the effectiveness & performance of the board
  • Establishing a measurable plan of sustained improvement in board effectiveness & performance
  • Practical guidance on how individual board directors can optimise their effectiveness and performance.
  • Practical guidance for new directors on their role, responsibilities and operation of a board of directors
  • Support on key challenges which arise on boards and practical approaches for directors to handle these

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The iceberg of dysfunctional boards – below the surface of problematic boards

A strong non-executive director (NED) I know, recently stepped down from the board of a large company after just six months. I was naturally very curious to understand the factors which led to this as I knew the non-executive director was quite excited about the company and joining the board and from what I understood, […]

Board best practices for a CEO and executive team

“My board frustrate the hell out of me, we put in a huge effort into producing our board packs and I seriously question if they read them properly, they are second guessing me and my executive team on a continuous basis, they haven’t a strategic bone in their bodies and to be quite honest, other […]