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Your Board Should Be a Driver of Your Organisation’s Performance

At Board Excellence with offices in Ireland and the UK, we offer a range of services designed to create high performance boards that become a huge driver of an organisation’s performance.

Sound governance is crucial to the sustained success of all organisations and central to sound governance is a high-performing board of directors. While the factors that impact on an organisation’s performance are complex and diverse, a highly effective board of directors has a direct and significant influence on the success of the organisation beyond its statutory requirements and is a powerful source of added value for shareholders and stakeholders.

When we engage with board clients, our goal is to empower them to achieve step-changes in their effectiveness, performance and in the value they create for their organisations, so that average boards become effective over time and effective boards become high-performing. We also work closely with high-performing boards to support them in constantly improving their performance.

While compliance with various governance codes and principles can help to provide safeguards for boards, we don’t believe that compliance alone will facilitate delivery and protection of shareholder or stakeholder value. We do believe, however, that the true characteristics of a high-performing board are found in the inter-play between people dynamics, behaviours and focus, and these are the factors which, when converging, will drive your board to deliver real value for all shareholders and stakeholders.

Read on to see how we can empower your board to achieve step-changes in their performance and the value they add to your organisation.

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“We engaged Board Excellence to provide strategic consultancy advice to the company board and executive team. The role involved reviewing & strengthening our board processes and board information model, executive reporting systems, strengthening our corporate governance, supporting our executive team in key areas such as strategy & risk as well as helping the board team embrace leading international best practices in board effectiveness & performance. Working with the Board Excellence team was enjoyable & rewarding and their unique ability to listen and to ask the tough questions in a constructive manner helped us identify the challenges facing us as a board team and as an executive team in addressing our own organisational weaknesses in sustaining planned company growth.”

Niall O’Meara
Board Chair, Vision Construction Services, Ireland

“Our decision to choose Board Excellence to run our External Evaluation turns out to have been an excellent one ! Kieran Moynihan’s report was thorough, balanced, comprehensive and excellent value. More importantly it was insightful. It pulled no punches and provided candid feedback that was hard hitting but accurate. At the same time it drew out an array of very positive points too. We all greatly appreciated the directness of Kieran’s comments, are thoroughly pleased we have done the exercise and are relishing our next steps. Thanks Board Excellence – an excellent job !”

Tim Jones
Board chair, Treatt plc, FTSE-listed company in the food sector, UK

“We approached Board Excellence at a critical stage in the company’s development, undertaking a large transaction which would platform the business for growth over the coming years. We were anxious to upskill our PLC board with commensurate non-executive director experience. Board Excellence have an incredible reach into the professional marketplace and the ability to find the best board placements is undoubted as a result. I would have no hesitation in recommending Board Excellence as a best in class non-executive director search partner.”

Noel Creedon
Chief Executive Officer, iNua Hotel Group, Ireland

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Did you know that the effectiveness of independent board evaluation in the UK listed sector is coming under scrutiny?

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