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Board Excellence is led by Kieran Moynihan, an experienced Chairman and leading thinker in the area of board dynamics and performance. Kieran has over 18 years experience serving on boards as a CEO executive director, non-executive director and Chairman. He has written and presented extensively on the unique challenges of achieving a high-performance board of directors. Kieran is currently the chairman of a number of internationally-focused companies across a number of industry sectors. Board Excellence supports boards in companies, organisations and non-profits in Ireland, UK & Europe.

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  • Leverage international best practices on board effectiveness, performance & corporate governance
  • Provision of an independent high-quality assessment of the effectiveness & performance of the board
  • Establishing a measurable plan of sustained improvement in board effectiveness & performance
  • Practical guidance on how individual board directors can optimise their effectiveness and performance.
  • Practical guidance for new directors on their role, responsibilities and operation of a board of directors
  • Support on key challenges which arise on boards and practical approaches for directors to handle these

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Impact of the Chairman – CEO relationship on the board dynamics

As our Board Excellence team engages with boards for either best-practice workshops or board reviews, one of the key characteristics I am looking out for early on is an initial sense of the relationship between the Chairman and the CEO. This relationship has a profound impact on the board dynamics and overall effectiveness. In situations […]

Barbarians at the gate – Cyber-security and the board

This famous book title is an apt description of the unprecedented challenge faced by organisations as they deal with the exponentially growing level of cyber attacks. Every hour of the day, organisations, large and small, are suffering non-stop attacks ranging from denial-of-service attacks, malware and social cyber attacks. These attacks if not successfully prevented or […]

The curse of group-think in a board of directors

A perennial challenge facing all boards is the curse of group-think where the board settles in to a comfortable groove, disruptive & innovative ideas/discussion discouraged, the board members happy to “show-up” and unless operational performance goes off the rails, quite content to go through the motions. With the vast majority of marketplaces now changing at […]